Sunday, January 16, 2011

Erik Lindbergh Inspires Local Pilots to Be Safe, Innovative at Conference in Maryland Heights

The 2011 Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show this weekend featured local aviation safety experts as well as internationally known presenters.  The two-day event, sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association, has become an annual local institution - a combination of trade show, fund raiser, safety panel, national advocacy update, inspirational testimony and recruiting drive. 

Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh, reflects on his family legacy and his personal struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis early in his adult life that almost prevented him from flying or even pursuing an active life.

Erik Lindbergh describes his own 2002 solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean as a personal, technical and psychological challenge overcome through teamwork and risk management.

Gregg Maryniak, President of the St. Louis Science Center, (left) and Erik Lindbergh (right) pose with St. Louis' legendary McDonnell Douglas test pilot and certified flight instructor, Joe Dobronski.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World Bird Sanctuary Brings Bald Eagle "Liberty" to Prairie Commons Library Branch

The Prairie Commons Branch of the St. Louis County Library hosted "Liberty," a Bald Eagle from the World Bird Sanctuary.  His handler, Laura, addressed the mission of the World Bird sanctuary: preserve the earth’s biological diversity and secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments through education, captive breeding, field studies and rehabilitation.  She brought "Liberty," a male Bald Eagle that had been injured twice by automobiles and could no longer survive in the wild.  He is now a staple of the education program, and he appears frequently at area presentations.  His appearance at an educational program such as this one may be the first or only time many people witness a live Bald Eagle.  However, now is the best time to find them in the wild around the St. Louis area.  For more information about the World Bird Sanctuary, and local wild viewing areas, visit and