Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Milicia de San Carlos Reenactment Group Demonstrates 18th Century Weapons in St. Charles, MO

In celebration of the anniversary of Missouri statehood, we visited the First State Capitol in St. Charles, Missouri to attend the open house.  The following pictures feature the members of Milicia de San Carlos, a re-enactment group that portrays Spanish military personnel and local citizens of early St. Charles, Missouri.  The military contingent represents the regulars of the Louisiana Regiment and the local militia, both infantry and artillery. Uniforms, civilian clothing, and equipment are authentic to the time period of the late 1700s. Weapons include reproduction muskets, rifles and artillery pieces.  The highlight of the program was the firing of the powder charge from the cannon.
Reenactor demonstrates bayonet stance with musket
Reproduction of 18th Century Cannon
Quill is placed on cannon before powder is lit
Quill ready to be lit
Powder is packed into cannon barrel
Closeup of powder bag

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