Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Albert Pujols Statue Dedicated Today at Westport Plaza Pujols 5 Restaurant

A 10-foot statue of Albert Pujols was dedicated today outside of Pujols 5 Restaurant at Westport Plaza.  The statue, created by Harry Weber, was commissioned by an anonymous donor, who requested that the pose reflect Pujols pointing to the sky after a home run.  This gesture, as Pujols explained, recognizes Jesus Christ upon every success, deflecting credit from himself.  The ceremony, hosted by radio personality McGraw Milhaven, was held at 11:00am as a crowd gathered around the restaurant.  The Pujols Family Foundation formally owns the statue and will offer replicas for sale to support its on-going work to "help those living with Down syndrome here at home and to improve the lives of the impoverished in the Dominican Republic."  Here are some scenes from the ceremony:

The Albert Pujols statue awaits its unveiling

Pujols friend Lou Brock attended the ceremony

Radio personality McGraw Milhaven emceed the event

The Pujols family awaits the statue's dedication

Sculptor Harry Weber speaks to the gathering audience

Deidre Pujols describes the work of the foundation

Albert Pujols thanks the donor and St. Louis baseball fans

The Albert Pujols statue is admired by attendees

This says it all...

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