Sunday, September 5, 2010

Navy Week In St. Louis: St. Louis Science Center Hosts Recruiting Exhibit Sept. 5

Navy Week Exhibit Set Up Near St. Louis Science Center

City of St. Louis Proclamation Given to Adm. Davidson

 Rear Adm. Philip S. Davidson, Commander, Carrier Strike
                                Group 8 Addresses the Audience After Receiving navy Week
                                        Proclamations From St. Louis City and County

Navy Diver In Mobile Tank Gives "OK" Sign

Navy Diver Plays Tic Tac Toe With a Young Boy

Navy Diver Equipment Contrasts Past and Present Pressure Suits

Navy IED Disposal Experts Display Their Equipment

Navy IED Disposal Experts Display Robotic Helper

IED Disposal Team Displays Robot and Monitor

Navy Flight Simulator In Action

More Navy Week events will be held in the coming week, including the Blue Angels performance at Scott AFB next weekend. Check the Navy Week web site for more details.

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