Saturday, September 4, 2010

World Bird Sanctuary In Valley Park Celebrates International Vulture Day

The World Bird Sanctuary Cares For and Displays Birds of Prey

Dorothy, an Andean Condor, Is a Rare Treat at the St. Louis Facility

A Great Horned Owl Can Follow Your Every Move

A Harris Hawk Strike a Menacing Pose

An Injured Bald Eagle Is Cared for at the Sanctuary 

A Tawny Eagle Spreads Its Wings

A New World Vulture Is Displayed for the Audience

The Vulture Flies to Another Trainer During the Display Performance

The Vulture Makes a Smooth Landing

A Raven Takes Donations to Keep the Sanctuary Operating

An Armadillo Makes a Surprise Appearance

A Wild Deer Is Seen at the Edge of the Wood Line

For More information about the World Bird Sanctuary, please visit

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